Your Ultimate Eid Checklist For A Joyous Celebration In Bahrain

Hera Shabbir
Eid in Bahrain is super fun, with three days of vibrant celebrations. Families gather for feasts, friends exchange gifts, and streets fill with joyous parades. The best part is the variety—prayers, fireworks, shopping, and traditional music create a festive atmosphere, making each day uniquely enjoyable and memorable.

5. Finalize that Eid fit from Elikee


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Elikee offers the best Eid clothes, blending tradition with modern flair. Their designs capture the essence of cultural heritage, featuring intricate embroidery and rich fabrics. Yet, they add a contemporary twist, with stylish cuts and trendy details. Perfect for celebrating in style, Elikee’s outfits ensure you look elegant and fashionable during Eid festivities.

4. Grab the cutest Eid cake from Crumbles Bakery


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Crumbles Bakery offers the yummiest cakes, making Eid a tad bit sweeter. Their delicious creations, from rich chocolate to fruity delights, add the perfect touch of sweetness to your celebrations. Best part is, their cakes feature the most adorable little sheep, for all the Eid vibes!

3. Celebrate in style at Marassi Galleria


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Marassi Galleria is here to help you make the MOST of your holidays. Experience daily live performances featuring traditional arts like Fjiri, Sout, and Ardha, or enjoy melodious tunes from national bands such as Mohammed Bin Fares and Dar Bin Harban, alongside captivating acts by the Majaz band and the Eastern Takht Quintet! With a blend of solo musicians, this event promises an auditory feast and a deep dive into Bahrain’s musical heritage, making it a top destination during the Eid al Adha holidays in Bahrain.

2. Feel the summer vibes at the Bollywood Water Pool Festival

If you love Bollywood, don’t miss the Bollywood Water Pool Festival at Coral Bay Bahrain. Jump into a day packed with lively Bollywood music, dancing, and poolside fun. With live shows and colorful decorations, it’s the perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation, making it a must-attend for Bollywood fans.

1. Plan a getaway with Lagoona Beach’s Amazing staycation offers

Lagoona Beach Bahrain offers irresistible staycation deals featuring top-notch spa amenities, exquisite dining experiences, stunning beach views, and exciting boat rides. Indulge in luxurious treatments, savor gourmet meals, and soak in the scenic beauty of the beach. With a blend of relaxation and adventure, it’s the perfect getaway for a memorable escape.

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