A Compassionate Lebanese Man Changes A Monkey’s Life

Lovin Beirut

A Lebanese guy named Ali Farkouh came across a little monkey who had lost her mother. Feeling a strong sense of compassion, Ali decided to take her home and care for her as his own.


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The monkey was incredibly cute with her playful antics and endearing appearance. She quickly grew attached to Ali, and he reciprocated her love wholeheartedly. They became inseparable companions, always by each other’s side.


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The monkey had a deep affection for Ali, causing her to express her sadness when he left the house.


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♬ original sound – Ali Farkouh

Sometimes, when Ali is lounging on the couch, the monkey may climb onto his chest and gently groom his face, providing him with her own version of skincare.

Through Ali’s act of compassion, a lost and grieving monkey found a loving home and a purpose. In turn, the monkey brought immense joy and companionship into Ali’s life, becoming an integral part of his daily routine.


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