Nancy Ajram’s Handshake With An Israeli Blogger Sparks Controversy

Diana E.

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has sparked controversy after a photo of her shaking hands with an Israeli travel blogger, Itzik Blass, surfaced online after a concert she performed in Cyprus.

The blogger posted the photo on his Instagram account, where he has over 200,000 followers. He wrote in Hebrew, “Nancy Ajram, the queen of Arabic music, thank you for the amazing show.”

The controversial photo sparks accusations against Nancy Ajram

However, the photo did not go unnoticed by Israeli media, which used it to accuse Ajram of being friendly with Israelis. Israeli journalist Roi Kayes shared the photo on Twitter and wrote: “Nancy Ajram and the Israelis are in endless romantic parties.”

Nancy’s handshake with an Israeli blogger sparks debate among fans

Nancy, who is known for her patriotic songs and support for the Lebanese resistance, has not yet commented on the photo or the Israeli media’s reaction.

However, some of her fans have defended her on social media, saying that she was unaware of the blogger’s identity and that she was just being polite to a fan, while others have criticized her for shaking hands with an Israeli, who is considered an enemy by many Arabs.


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