Tripoli Residents Commemorate The Zambo Festival Tradition

Diana E.

The vibrant and spirited Zambo Festival lit up Tripoli in northern Lebanon as residents came together to mark the occasion steeped in tradition. Celebrated on the last Sunday before the Great Lent according to the Eastern calendar, this festival holds special significance among the Orthodox Christians of the region.


Dressed in elaborate and theatrical costumes reminiscent of African dancers and ancient Pharaohs, festival-goers painted their bodies in striking hues of black, white, gold, and silver. The colorful attire added to the festive atmosphere, creating a visually stunning spectacle that caught the eye of all who attended.


From the youngest to the oldest, people from all walks of life joined in the carnival festivities, drawing in participants from Mina and the Tripoli area. Attendees enjoyed a joyous occasion, singing and dancing to lively music that echoed through the streets, filled with laughter.

As part of the tradition, participants roamed around incognito, immersing themselves in the revelry for hours before making their way to the beach. Undeterred by the chill of the water, they took the plunge with enthusiasm, symbolizing a cleansing and renewal of the spirit as they embraced the communal celebration that the Zambo Festival embodies.

The Zambo Festival not only serves as a cultural event but also as a time for unity and merriment among the people of Tripoli. As the festival continues to be a cherished tradition in the region, its enduring popularity highlights the deep-rooted sense of community and festivity that characterizes the spirit of Tripoli.



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