5 Must-Visit Destinations In Lebanon During The Festive Season

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Lebanon is a lively destination for holiday celebrations, featuring dazzling Christmas lights and lively New Year’s Eve parties. Here are five must-visit destinations in Lebanon during this joyous time.


Begin your festive journey in the vibrant capital city of Beirut. The city comes alive with captivating Christmas lights, grand decorations, and a festive atmosphere. Take a stroll through Martyrs’ Square and enjoy the dazzling Christmas tree, or visit the city’s main shopping districts, such as Hamra and Downtown, to experience the joy of holiday shopping. Don’t forget to stop by the famous Beirut Souks, where you’ll find delightful Christmas markets and entertainment for the whole family.


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3. Byblos

No trip to Lebanon is complete without a visit to the ancient city of Byblos. During the festive season, Byblos transforms its historic center into a winter wonderland with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the Old Souk. The lively streets feature shops selling handicrafts, antiques, and traditional Lebanese food.


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5. Zahle

Zahle, a charming city in the Bekaa Valley, is a popular destination for wine enthusiasts due to its wineries and stunning landscapes. During the festive season, the city is filled with colorful lights, decorations, and traditional Lebanese festivities. Visitors can enjoy delicious cuisine, live performances, and scenic views of the Berdawni River.


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Lebanon truly comes alive during the festive season, offering visitors an immersive cultural experience. So, plan your festive getaway to Lebanon and immerse yourself in the magical spirit of the country’s festivities.


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