A Lebanese Cat Takes The Internet By Storm With Its Talent

Diana E.

A Lebanese cat takes the internet by Storm with its talent

Cats lovers, where are you? Get ready for some cuteness overload with this video of a Lebanese cat that’s blowing up on TikTok.


♬ original sound – M.Fares00

Sisi’s family thought she was so talented, so they made her a TikTok account and started posting videos of her.


♬ Up and Away (Vocalese) – GHOSTLAND

One of those videos went crazy viral, getting over 8 million views and turning Sisi into a TikTok sensation. The video shows Sisi clapping her paws while her family serenaded her with a song.


♬ original sound – M.Fares00


Who knows if she’s just feeling the music or giving herself a round of applause for being awesome, but everyone who see Sisi goes with whatever she’s doing.

TikTok users quickly fell in love with Sisi and flooded the comments with love and positivity.





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