Discover Lebanon’s Diverse Lakes: From Serene Retreats To Thrilling Escapes!

Diana E.

Lebanon is home to some truly beautiful lakes that offer everything from peaceful retreats to adventurous escapes. Here are five lakes you definitely need to visit:

1. Taanayel Lake


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Taanayel Lake, in the Bekaa Valley, is great for easy walks, birdwatching, and picnics. Don’t miss the nearby Taanayel Monastery and organic farm, where you can get fresh produce and dairy products. It’s a lovely spot to unwind and enjoy the countryside.

2. Bnachii Lake


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Up in Zgharta, Bnachii Lake is perfect for paddle boating, kayaking, and dining by the water. Nearby, you can visit the historic town of Ehden and the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve. It’s a fantastic place for a family day out, mixing nature and local culture.

3. Qaraoun Lake

Lake Qaraoun is Lebanonโ€™s largest artificial lake, located in the West Bekaa. It’s ideal for fishing, boating, and birdwatching. The scenic surroundings include charming villages and vineyards. Plus, the Qaraoun Dam is vital for irrigation and hydroelectric power.

4. Yammouneh Lake


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In the ancient village of Yammouneh, Yammouneh Lake has a rich history dating back to Phoenician and Roman times. The surrounding Yammouneh Nature Reserve is home to rare plants and animals, making it a great place for eco-tourism and quiet reflection.

5. Oyoun Samak Lake


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Located in Dinniyeh, Oyoun Samak Lake is known for its beautiful waterfalls, green scenery, and rocky cliffs. It’s perfect for fishing, hiking, and camping. This hidden gem offers a peaceful escape into nature.

Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, these lakes are perfect destinations to connect with nature and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Lebanon.



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