Miss Lebanon Shines In Nicolas Jebran’s National Costume At Miss World!

Diana E.

Yasmina Zaytoun, Miss Lebanon 2022, made a striking appearance at Miss World, showcasing her Lebanese heritage in a dazzling national costume created by the designer Nicolas Jebran.

The ensemble was a breathtaking fusion of elegance and tradition, truly embodying the essence of her cultural roots.

Yasmina spread a powerful message of peace on the global stage

During her time on the global stage, Zaytoun used her platform to convey a powerful message of peace while proudly representing Lebanon. In a touching tribute to her homeland, the costume prominently featured olive tree branches, drawing inspiration from the iconic Lebanese Tantour.

This thoughtful incorporation added a deeper layer of symbolism to her already stunning attire, symbolizing unity, growth, and resilience.

Yasmina’s decision to showcase her heritage in such a meaningful way not only emphasized the beauty of Lebanese culture but also highlighted the importance of embracing one’s origins on a global platform.


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