Celebrating Women’s Day: A Roaring Tribute To Lebanon’s Successful Women

Diana E.

In recent months, the names of several Lebanese women have shone and dominated international headlines due to their creativity and success in their respective fields.

Here are the Lebanese women who have achieved golden successes in the name of Lebanon and who are setting an example for everyone.

Farah Dakhlallah

Farah Dakhlallah, a British-Lebanese woman, became the first Arab woman to hold the position of official NATO spokesperson, marking a significant milestone for the alliance.

Jana Sader

Jana Sader, the first female officer in the Lebanese Army, successfully piloted a military aircraft after training in the United States. She returned to Lebanon in 2023 to begin piloting the A-29 Super Tucano combat aircraft, demonstrating Lebanese women’s ability to overcome obstacles.

Ray Bassil

Ray is a Lebanese woman with keen insight who will raise Lebanon’s name at the most important sporting event of 2024 after qualifying for the Olympics to be held in Paris this summer, having won the gold medal in the Asian shooting championship.

Aziza Sbaity

BBC has named Lebanese sprinter Aziza Sbaity as one of the “100 Most Influential and Inspiring Women in the World” in 2023. Sbaity is Lebanon’s fastest female sprinter, holding records in 60-meter and 100-meter sprints and winning gold medals in the West Asia and Arab Championships.

Lina Ghotmeh

Lebanese Professor Lina Ghatma won the “Arab Geniuses” award in the Architecture and Design category for her pioneering role in creative architectural engineering projects worldwide, such as the “Stone Garden” Tower in Beirut, the National Stadium in Japan.

Niveen Khashab

As for Professor Niveen Khashab, she also won the “Arab Geniuses” award in the Natural Sciences category for her outstanding contributions to the fields of chemistry, bioengineering, and biological sciences. El Khashab serves as an associate dean of physical sciences and engineering and a chemistry professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

A roaring tribute to all of them on Women’s International Day!


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