Lebanese Artist Sets New Milestone On Europe’s Grand Stages!

Diana E.

Lebanese artist Carla Chamoun made history as the first Lebanese to perform on Europe’s grandest stages alongside top musicians at the World of Hans Zimmer.

At a recent show, Carla surprised the audience by blending traditional Lebanese chants into her performance, adding authenticity and leaving a lasting impact.

Carla praised the experience as a way to honor her country and reaffirm her passion and promise in the music industry, despite her initial attempts to distance herself from the spotlight.

She has always known her talent since school and choir. However, she chose not to pursue a career in singing due to the challenges and sacrifices it requires.

While at university, Carla initially pursued journalism and took on multiple roles. However, her love for music resurfaced when a childhood friend encouraged her to audition as a singer.

During her travels, Carla makes remarkable personal and artistic discoveries and receives offers abroad. While aiming for an international career, she remains connected to Lebanon. Currently, she’s gearing up for singles and a concert in her homeland.



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