Lebanese Independence Day: Honoring The Heroes

Diana E.

Lebanese people celebrate Independence Day on November 22nd of each year, and on this occasion, we will go back in time to November 22nd, 1943, and refresh your memory with the stories of the heroes of independence.

Riad Al-Solh

Riad Al Solh, who took over Lebanon in 1943, proposed constitutional amendments, angering the French, leading to his arrest and revolution, resulting in Lebanon’s independence.

Majid Arslan

Majid Arslan, a prominent independence figure and statesman, held various ministerial positions, including justice, health, defense, communications, and housing. He was elected as a deputy multiple times and passed away on September 18th, 1983.

Habib Abou Chahla

Habib Abou Chahla, a Lebanese politician, held various ministerial positions, including deputy prime minister, national education minister, and justice minister, serving as parliament chair from 1946 to 1947.

Adel Osseiran

Adel Osseiran, a former parliament speaker and multiple minister, served in the first post-independence government in 1943, holding various ministerial positions in various sectors.

Salim Takla

Salim Takla, a former minister of foreign affairs and public works, served as North Lebanon governor from 1935 to 1937 before winning a seat in Mount Lebanon in the 1937 and 1943 elections.

Sabri Hamadeh

Sabri Hamadeh, the first parliament president after independence, served 51 years as a deputy, leading the Lebanese independence movement and promoting economic and cultural renaissance.

Saeb Salam

Saeb Salam, a prominent politician and businessman, served as prime minister multiple times between 1952 and 1973, founding Middle East Airlines and chairing the Islamic Charitable Society.

Abdel Hamid Karami

Abdel Hamid Karami, a prominent figure in Lebanon’s political life, served as a deputy in parliament during the French mandate, was appointed prime minister in 1945, and represented Lebanon at the Arab League’s founding, passing away in November 1950.

Rashid Beydoun

Rashid Beydoun, born in 1889, founded the Vanguard Party in Beirut and held ministerial positions in Lebanese governments. His 1971 deputy election and signature on the Lebanese flag symbolize his struggle against the French mandate.

Lebanon’s Independence Day is a time for reflection, gratitude, and remembrance of the heroes who fought for the nation’s independence.


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