Lebanese Avocado Industry Takes Root In Europe And Arab Markets!

Diana E.

Lebanese avocados are making waves in markets across Europe and Arab countries, with increased visibility on shelves in countries like the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Eastern Europe.

The Lebanese Avocado Association has reported a substantial surge in revenue from Lebanese avocados, jumping from 40 tons in 2020 to an impressive 1,000 tons in 2023. This growth signifies a positive trend in Lebanon’s agricultural sector.

Despite facing stiff competition from American and European producers, Lebanon continues to stand out as a leading exporter, especially to key Arab markets such as Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and the Gulf states.

In 2023, Lebanon exported approximately 9,000 tons of avocados valued at around $15 million, showcasing a significant increase from $10 million in 2020. Avocado trees thrive in Lebanon’s mild climate, with its fertile soil and temperate weather providing an ideal environment for cultivation.

With extensive unused farmland, particularly in coastal areas previously dedicated to citrus fruits, Lebanon has become a prime location for avocado production.

With their potential to drive revenue, generate employment, and promote sustainable agriculture, avocados have emerged as a prized commodity in Lebanon’s agricultural sector, often referred to as “green gold.”

Lebanon can fully unlock the potential of its avocado industry, leading to enhanced economic development in the country.


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