Lebanese Toum Ranks As The Best Dip Worldwide!

Diana E.

TasteAtlas has unveiled its list of the top 50 dips, with Lebanese toum (garlic sauce) taking the first spot. For the second year in a row, Lebanon leads the rankings of the world’s best dips.

Toum: Lebanon’s fluffy sauce masterpiece!

Toum is a traditional Lebanese garlic paste made from crushed whole garlic cloves, seasoned with oil (preferably neutral canola or olive oil) to create a homogeneous paste with a unique, fluffy texture.
Mutabbal ranked in the seventh place, whereas Hummus Beiruti, Hummus Kawarma, and Baba Ghanoush secured  the 15th, 16th, and 17th spots, respectively.


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Lebanon’s consistent success in topping the global rankings reflects its rich culinary heritage and its influence on cuisine worldwide. It shows how beloved and high-quality these traditional Lebanese recipes are across the globe.


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