Lebanon’s Fattoush And Tabbouleh Rank Among The World’s Best Salads!

Diana E.

Lebanon’s all-time favorites, Fattoush and Tabbouleh, are among TasteAtlas’s 50 best-rated salads in the world.


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Fattoush snagged the 8th spot with its tasty mix of crispy pita bread, veggies like lettuce, cucumbers, radish, and tomatoes, all jazzed up with mint, parsley, and a zesty dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and pomegranate syrup. Sprinkle on some sumac, and you’ve got a flavor explosion!

And don’t forget Tabbouleh! This refreshing salad, bursting with finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, and bulgur wheat, landed in 23rd place. It’s all about that tangy kick from lemon juice and olive oil.

Seeing these two Lebanese classics on TasteAtlas’s list isn’t just about food fame; it’s a shoutout to Lebanon’s culinary scene and how beloved these salads are worldwide.


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