6 Top Things To Do In Lebanon During The Winter Season

Diana E.

Lebanon transforms into a magical winter destination, brimming with snowy peaks and charming mountain villages. Whether you prefer skiing or a cozy retreat, Lebanon offers exciting winter activities for all. Here are the six top things to do in Lebanon during the winter season

1. Skiing in the mountains:

The winter in Lebanon is magical, with skiing at ski resorts offering slopes for all skill levels and stunning views of snow-covered cedar trees. After skiing, visitors can find serenity in the Cedars of God Nature Reserve, where ancient cedar trees, over a thousand years old, provide a tranquil atmosphere for nature lovers and those seeking quiet reflection.

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2. Snowmobiling and ATV adventures:

ATV rides in the snow-covered mountains or snowmobiling are options for those looking for a little excitement. Set out on a thrilling winter journey where you may zip through trails covered in snow and take in the pure mountain air.

3. Snowy adventures:

Experience a unique winter adventure in Lebanon by snowshoeing and hiking through its mountainous terrain, witnessing stunning snowy views and picturesque mountain villages.

4. Lebanese gastronomy tours:

Winter is a perfect time to explore Lebanon’s culinary delights, with gastronomy tours offering a chance to taste traditional winter dishes like stews and grilled meats, and learn about the art of winemaking. Food is a significant part of Lebanese culture, making winter specialties a must-try.

5. Winter campings:

Lebanon offers a unique winter camping experience, offering both comfort and thrills. Enjoy stunning mountain views, warm campfires, and peaceful trails, making it an unforgettable destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

6.Relax in a traditional Lebanese chalet:

Escape city chaos in a traditional Lebanese chalet nestled in the mountains, offering a peaceful escape with stunning snowy views. Wake up to fresh mountain air, sip Lebanese coffee by a warm fireplace, and enjoy panoramic winter landscape views, fostering relaxation and connection with nature.

From ancient marvels to gastronomic delights, winter in Lebanon is a condensed journey of diverse wonders waiting to be explored.


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