This Is The First Bookstore And Coffee Shop Only For Women In Baalbek

Lovin Beirut

Away from the stereotypical scenes and the images circulated about a region burdened by the generalization of the chaos of security events and lawlessness, a group of women in Baalbek managed to create a space for them in a social, cultural, and recreational framework, so “Mayli” was the first bookstore and coffee shop of its kind for Bekaa women.

The idea is considered strange to the region

The idea goes back to women activists who worked to establish a library and a small coffee shop in the “Douris” area in Baalbek as a space for female students, workers, housewives, and every young girl who finds herself in need of a quiet place where she can sip a cup of coffee and read a book. The idea is considered strange to the region, but it is a positive outlet in light of the constant pursuit by many to make cultural changes and promote education in a region that has long been considered “deprived” of colleges and libraries. The Lebanese word “Mayli” is used in the Bekaa, as in many regions, to invite another person to a place. The coffee shop will be an invitation for all women today to visit the library, where the organizers also promise that it will include discussion and dialogue sessions in the coming stages to turn into a cultural and social community. It is noteworthy that “Mayli” receives donations from books to enrich the library with various and purposeful books.



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