A Building Collapse In Choueifat Raises Alarms Amidst The Second Incident In A Week

Diana E.

A building collapsed in Choueifat, in southern suburb of Beirut, late Monday, killing four people and injuring six others as rescuers searched for more people under the rubble, a paramedic official said.

The four-story building crumbled due to its weak foundation

After days of heavy rain, the four-story residential building, known as the Ibrahim al-Suqy Building, crumbled due to its weak foundation, which had led the municipality to order its evacuation two years prior. Even though the order had been issued, the building’s owner still rented apartments to Syrian families.

Emergency responders quickly arrived at the scene to attend to the reported injuries

Rescue efforts, spearheaded by teams from the Civil Defense, the Red Cross, and the Islamic Risala Scout Association, persisted through the night and concluded Tuesday morning.

According to a statement released by the Lebanese Red Cross, “the tragic event claimed the lives of four individuals and left six others injured.”

It added, “Their valiant efforts led to the extraction of three bodies and three injured individuals from beneath the rubble. These victims were promptly transported to nearby medical facilities for urgent treatment.”

The statement further noted that while two individuals received on-site first aid and did not require hospitalization, one fatality and one injury were reported from different locations.

It’s worth noting that this is the second time in a week that a building has collapsed in the area, leading to widespread concern in the vicinity.


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