European Union Announces New Support For Lebanon

Lovin Beirut

The European Union reaffirms its support for the people of Lebanon and has decided to allocate 205.5 million euros to address several priority areas to support the country’s stability and recovery.

Border management:

As a first priority, the European Union will continue supporting Lebanon in improving border management and providing financial and technical assistance to align it with international standards, thereby enhancing security and stability in Lebanon.

Public Institutions:

Moreover, the European Union will support Lebanese public institutions in improving governance, accountability, and transparency in public affairs and basic services. This includes improving water sector management through monitoring systems and upgrading customer databases, aiming to make the sector administratively and financially self-sufficient.

Electricity sector:

The European Union will also support measures to respond to the ongoing electricity crisis in Lebanon, by encouraging renewable energy and energy efficiency investments by SMEs.

Education sector:

To address the growing needs of vulnerable people in Lebanon, the European Union will continue to support vulnerable people in Lebanon in the education, social protection, and water sectors, enhancing local authorities’ capacity for sustainable service provision.


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