Generator Prices Dropped In Lebanon For The Fifth Month In A Row!

Diana E.

The price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for private generators, which help cover electricity shortages, has dropped for the fifth month in a row. For June bills, it is now set at 31,725 Lebanese pounds (LL), down from 32,269 LL in May, according to the Ministry of Energy and Water.


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Fuel oil prices and exchange rate remain steady

The ministry’s calculations use a constant exchange rate of LL89,700 to the dollar. The average price of fuel oil has also decreased by 8.9%, from LL1,627,264 per 20 liters in February to LL1,482,583 in June.

As usual, the ministry allows operators in mountainous areas (above 700 meters in altitude) and rural regions to increase the kWh price by 10%, making it 34,897 LL for June bills.

How to calculate your bill?

To calculate their bills, subscribers multiply the ministry-provided kWh price by their consumption, recorded on an individual meter installed by the generator owner. A flat fee based on the maximum current in amperes (A) is also added.

Additional charge introduced

The monthly flat rate for a maximum current of 5 A is LL385,000, and for 10 A, it is LL685,000. These rates remain unchanged. However, this month, the ministry is adding a charge of LL300,000 for every additional 5 A above 10 A.

Special rates for elevators

The ministry also has specific rates for elevators and common areas in buildings with three-phase circuit breakers. Their fixed rates are calculated as if they were single-phase connections.

For example, an elevator and common areas with a three-phase circuit breaker of 3 x 15 A will be billed as if they have a capacity of 15 A, not 45 A, totaling LL985,000 instead of LL2,785,000.

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