HRW Describes Israeli Attack On Lebanon Rescuers As Unlawful

Diana E.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) described the Israeli attack on an emergency and rescue center in the southern Lebanese town of Habariye on March 27 as “unlawful,” urging Washington to suspend weapons sales to Israel.

HRW asserts that whether the attack was carried out “intentionally or recklessly,” it should “be investigated as an apparent war crime.”

The organization also indicates that it found “no evidence of a military target on the site” and highlights that Tel Aviv had submitted a document to the US State Department a week prior to the raid, affirming that the weapons supplied by the US were not being used in violation of international law.

In light of these findings, HRW urged the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a declaration authorizing the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute crimes committed on Lebanese territory since October 2023.



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