IATA And A Lebanese Official Refuted Telegraph Article On Beirut Airport

Diana E.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has firmly denied a report by the British newspaper “The Telegraph,” which claimed, through an unnamed IATA source, that weapons are being stored at Beirut airport.

In a statement, IATA clarified that the quote was entirely false, stating, “IATA has not and will not comment on the situation at Beirut Airport.” The association emphasized that it does not involve itself in political or security matters in Lebanon and does not provide commentary on such issues.


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“The Telegraph” updated the article

Following this, “The Telegraph” updated the report originally titled “He2bollah Stores Missiles and Explosives at Beirut Airport,” changing it to “Beirut Airport Bosses Deny it is Being Used for He2bollah Weapons.”

Response from Lebanon’s minister of transportation

Lebanon’s Public Works and Transport Minister, Ali Hamie, dismissed the article, labeling it “ridiculous” and questioning, “Is it conceivable that a reputable newspaper would change its sources within an hour?”

During a press conference, Hamie urged “The Telegraph” to consult the British Department of Transport, which had previously visited Beirut Airport. “This is the primary authority responsible for transportation matters at the airport,” he stated.

Hamie emphasized that customs, the official body overseeing shipments, should be the source for such claims. He asserted that customs represent the state’s role in protecting Beirut International Airport and should not be questioned.

Invitation to verify information

To demonstrate transparency, Hamie invited the media and ambassadors to gather at the airport’s VIP lounge for a tour of all airport facilities, asserting, “We have nothing to hide.” All invitees accepted the invitation and were present at the airport to verify the information provided.

Additionally, Hamie revealed plans to file a lawsuit against “The Telegraph,” with details to be disclosed soon.

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