Kidnapping Of Lebanese Forces Party Coordinator Causes Stir

Diana E.
Lebanese forces coordinator Pascal Sleiman was forcibly kidnapped by four individuals Sunday evening while returning from offering condolences.

Pascal’s friend, who was talking with him on the phone during the abduction, heard Pascal’s pleas for his life, mentioning that he has children and urging the kidnappers not to shoot him.

The security services directly conducted an investigation under the direct supervision of PM Najib Mikati, Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi, and Army Commander Joseph Aoun.

Lebanon’s army announced today on X that several Syrians were arrested following the kidnapping of Pascal, and an investigation is ongoing to determine the hostage’s whereabouts and motives behind the abduction operation.

The abduction of Pascal led the Lebanese Forces supporters to block roads in Jbeil District, hold rallies, and close their shops.

Pascal Sleiman’s name is currently trending across all social media platforms in Lebanon as people voice their anger over his abduction.

Furthermore, the Lebanese Forces urged allied parties, personalities, and independent individuals to unite in condemning and opposing encroachment on public and private freedom in Lebanon.


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