Lebanese Actor Fadi Ibrahim Just Passed Away

Diana E.

Beloved Lebanese actor Fadi Ibrahim passed away at the age of 67 as a result of diabetes-related complications.

The actor had undergone a leg amputation due to the severity of his condition just a month prior.

Fady’s Versatility Propelled Him to Iconic Status in Lebanese Drama

Throughout his illustrious four-decade career, Fadi’s versatility and depth in portraying complex characters earned him widespread acclaim and a devoted following.

From his debut role in “Al Moutwahesh” to acclaimed performances in series like “Al Asifa Tahob Marratayn” in 1995 and “Nisaa fi Al Asifa” in 1997, Fadi’s talent and dedication to his craft shone through, cementing his status as a cornerstone of Lebanese and Egyptian drama.

The news of Fadi’s passing has elicited an outpouring of tributes from across the Lebanese and Arab entertainment industries, who took to social media to express their sorrow and honor Fadi’s lasting impact.

As the curtains draw on his final act, Fadi’s legacy as a storyteller and cultural icon will continue to inspire and resonate with future generations of actors and artists in Lebanon and beyond.


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