Lebanese Foreign Ministry Urges “International Probe” Into Gaza Violence

Diana E.

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants issued a strong condemnation on Friday against the recent wave of violence targeting innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The Ministry expressed deep concern over the deliberate killing of dozens and the injuring of hundreds by Israeli forces, mainly through the shelling of humanitarian aid queues.

Describing the attacks as “part of a broader policy aimed at starving and collectively exterminating the Palestinian people,” the Ministry highlighted the devastating impact on civilian lives, exacerbating tensions and undermining efforts towards achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

In response to these violations of international humanitarian law, the Ministry called for the “immediate establishment of an international investigative committee to hold those responsible accountable and prevent them from escaping punishment for their crimes.”

Furthermore, the Ministry emphasized the urgent need for the international community to adopt unified standards to address the flagrant violations occurring in Gaza.

It urged all nations to take a firm stance demanding Israel’s compliance with international humanitarian law, similar to the standards upheld for other states.


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