Lebanese People Came Together On The St. Nicholas Staircase For A Beautiful Reason

Lovin Beirut

Despite the country’s difficult financial situation, people in Lebanon cherish living in the moment and seize every opportunity to celebrate life. The Lebanese are also famous for their love of music, arts, and culture, which they continue to embrace and celebrate even in hard times.

Cabriolet Film Festival defends human rights

A large crowd gathered at the St.Nicolas stairs in Gemmayzeh in Beirut, to attend the Cabriolet film festival that took place from June 2 to 4. The 15th edition featured 47 short films. The festival is about supporting causes, defending human rights and freedom of expression, and focusing on the concepts of equal opportunity and sustainability.

The festival encourage people to choose their own identity

The Cabriolet film festival emphasizes the resilience and power of cinema to transcend trials and uncertainties, encouraging people to choose their own identity, belonging, and attitude.

The theme chosen for this year edition was “Home”

The theme chosen for this year edition was “Home,” and the face of the festival was Adel Karam. The festival follows emerging trends through the adoption of a unique theme each year.


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