Lebanon Announces Fixed Fares For Public Transportation

Diana E.

Lebanon’s Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamiyeh, introduced a new official fare structure for transportation services, including taxis, service (taxi carpools), minivans, and buses.

This comes in the wake of a relatively stable monetary situation following a record collapse of the Lebanese pound between 2019 and 2023. The new fares reflect increased rates and most are effective immediately.

A taxi ride within Beirut will now cost LL600,000, a shared taxi ride (or service) within the same area will cost LL150,000, and bus and minivan rides in the capital will now officially cost 75,000 LBP.

Below are some of the new fares published by the Transport Ministry.

Fares for rides from Beirut to the South:

– Beirut-Saida: Taxi LL1,200,000; taxi-service LL300,000; minibus and bus LL150,000

– Beirut-Sour: Taxi LL2,280,000; taxi-service LL570,000; and buses LL270,000

Fares for rides to the Bekaa Region:

– Beirut-Dahr al-Baidar: Taxi LL1,200,000; taxi-service LL300,000; bus LL135,000

– Beirut-Zahle: Taxi: LL1,800,000; taxi-service: LL450,000; bus: LL195,000

– Beirut-Baalbek: Taxi LL2,400,000; taxi-service LL600,000; bus LL285,000

Fares for rides to the North:

– Beirut-Tripoli: Taxi: LL2,400,000; taxi-service: LL600,000; bus: LL240,000

– Beirut-Zgharta: Taxi: LL3,000,000; taxi-service: LL750,000; bus: LL315,000

– Beirut-Batroun: taxi LL1,560,000; taxi-service LL390,000; bus LL180,000

– Beirut-Jbeil: Taxi LL1,080,000; taxi-service LL270,000; bus LL150,000

– Beirut-Jounieh: Taxi: LL600,000; taxi-service: LL150,000; bus: LL90,000

Fares for rides to Mount Lebanon:

– Beirut-Aley: Taxi LL720,000; taxi-service LL180,000; bus LL90,000

– Beirut-Faraya: taxi LL1,860,000; taxi-service LL465,000; bus LL210,000


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