Lebanon’s Transportation Minister Unveils New Bus Operation Plan For Beirut!

Diana E.

Lebanon’s Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamie, launched the operation plan for 96 public transport buses.

The plan includes specific routes for Beirut initially and will extend to the rest of the country’s regions by September.

Hamie emphasized efforts underway to secure drivers for the 96 new buses, but the salary for the 27 drivers who remain in the cadre is only 2.5 million Lebanese pounds, which is too low.

This initiative is the first concrete partnership between the public and private sectors in Lebanon, with the state acting as supervisor and organizer while the private sector operates buses.

These buses feature advanced safety and communication technologies, such as cameras, GPS tracking, and a central control center.

Additionally, an application allows users to know the bus departure and arrival times, and payments will be made electronically via a prepaid magnetic card.

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