State Security Uncovers Highly Flammable Materials At The Port Of Beirut!

Diana E.

A ship with 100 containers of dangerous materials has docked at the Port of Beirut.

When state security discovered these materials couldn’t be safely handled in Lebanon and needed special equipment from Turkey to put out fires, they acted swiftly. These substances are super flammable and can even help bad fuel catch fire more easily.

The Port Security Office immediately alerted the authorities. The public prosecutor at the Court of Cassation ordered a thorough investigation. The containers were taken away from the port and guarded closely.

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Officials questioned the people involved in importing the ship and running the port, and the latter were cooperative.

The prosecutor, after getting updates on the investigation, decided the materials had to be sent back.

Most of the containers were sent away, but 10 were left behind. The importers had to pay a fine of $90,000 for this. They paid up, and now the remaining containers will be shipped back where they came from. This means the Port of Beirut and the nearby areas are safe again.


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