TikTok Pedophile Case Unfolds With New Developments

Diana E.

The investigation into the TikTok pedophile case is ongoing. Judge Nicolas Mansouri, the lead investigator on Mount Lebanon, has dismissed the defenses of five detainees who have chosen not to appeal.

Judge Mansouri has conducted extended interrogations with TikToker Gigi Ghanoui and two minors involved in the case.

According to sources, the detainees are denying the charges and pointing out inconsistencies in their statements, suggesting the case will take more time to resolve.


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New complaints have emerged, increasing the number of detainees to 14, with additional suspects still on the run and warrants issued against them.

Additionally, Judge Mansouri is now investigating a case involving a young man’s suicide allegedly linked to a gang, which could lead to further charges including murder, money laundering, minor rape, and drug use.

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