Tourism Thrives In Lebanon Despite Regional Tensions!

Diana E.

Despite the tense situation in southern Lebanon, expatriates celebrated the Adha holiday as 14,000 people arrived daily at Beirut International Airport, filling planes, guest houses, restaurants, and concerts.

Increased arrivals at Beirut international airport

The head of Beirut Airport, Fadi Al Hassan, reported an 11% increase in arrivals to Lebanon from the start of June until today compared to the same period last year.

Occupancy rates in guest houses

Similarly, Ramzi Salman, President of the Union of Guest House Owners, expressed satisfaction with the Adha holiday, stating that guest houses had an occupancy rate of 85%–90%, including locals, the Lebanese diaspora, and embassy personnel.

Hotel occupancy rates

Meanwhile, Pierre Achkar, President of the Federation of Tourist and Hotel Owners’ Unions, reported that hotels experienced minimal movement, with occupancy rates below 50%, primarily attracting Lebanese expatriates, Iraqis, and Jordanians.

Restaurants and Entertainment venues

The Restaurant Owners’ Union Tony Ramy reports that restaurants, bars, and nightclubs were packed, rooftops were flourishing, and concerts were sold out, highlighting the successful movement in Beirut and Batroun.

This influx of tourists to Lebanon is a positive indicator for the upcoming summer season, which is crucial for the Lebanese economy.

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