Al Sisi Announces Egypt Hepatitis C Free Soon

Raghad Khaled
Al Sisi Announces Egypt Hepatitis C Free Soon

Sisi Declares Egypt To Be Hepatitis C Free In The Next Few Weeks

During the second African Medical Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi stated that Egypt has inaugurated many health initiatives that aim to intensify efforts toward prominent medical issues in Egypt.

He announced that within weeks, Egypt will be totally free of Hepatitis C as certified by the World Health Organization!

Taking into consideration the economic hardships and capabilities of the Egyptian economy, He assured that this came to improve the general health of Egyptians.


Al Sisi also shed light on Coronavirus side effects during the conference

He shed light on how coronavirus revealed how fragile the healthcare system in Africa is, and that only through cooperation with Arab and African countries, improvements can be made.

Al Sisi also stressed the pressuring need to improve healthcare by building new hospitals, nurturing new medical staff, and enhancing the overall system in Egypt and Africa.

“We in Egypt started by targeting a disease that has a huge negative impact on Egyptians and we succeeded.

Within a few days and weeks, we will celebrate the declaration of Egypt free of this Hepatitis C according to the standards of the World Health Organization.”

80 Million Egyptian citizens and more have benefited from the “100M Lives” initiative and it has recorded a remarkable success.



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