Egypt Sets Limit For Travellers Bringing Back Gifts From Abroad to EGP 10K


When traveling, almost every Egyptian is asked to bring home a thing or two for their family and friends. Be it mobile phones or makeup, there’s always one last day of holiday spent shopping for our loved ones.

But a new announcement says that we can now only bring back EGP 10,000 worth of gifts

Yesterday, Ibrahim Abd El-Lateef, Consultant of Customs Authority for Airports Affairs, said that the government has set a limit on presents and gifts brought in from abroad up to EGP 10,000 in total value, and that anyone who exceeds the limit will be held legally responsible.

According to Abd El-Lateef, there is a maximum of five mobile phones allowed, so you can still bring home new tech devices. The customs department assesses costs equal to 10% of the device’s value. However, there are no fees assessed for tools or materials used for personal purposes.


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