Birthday Turned To A Fight! What Happened At Mariam ElHaraky’s Birthday Party?

Malak Nazir

Drama Unleashed at TikToker Mariam ElHaraky’s Birthday Bash

What was supposed to be a playful celebration turned chaotic at Mariam ElHaraky’s themed birthday party. The TikToker chose a unique “shaaby” theme, encouraging guests to dress up and impersonate shaaby characters. However, excitement quickly soured when TikToker Hassan Piso revealed that the event escalated into vulgarity and violence. It later led to serious injuries.

As the fallout spread across social media, other TikTok guests weighed in, supporting Hassan’s account, while Mariam initially chose silence.

However, before deactivating her social media, Mariam responded with a TikTok video. She addressed accusations of not supporting or apologizing to her injured friend. In the video, she clarified that Hassan Piso had explicitly requested her to stay silent about the incident.

Adding a twist to the tale, Seif Ashmawy, who was accused of starting the fight, shared voice notes explaining that Mariam was aware and had approved the presence of weapons for the event.

Critics of the party theme felt vindicated as the festive night ended in regrettable discord.

People were against the birthday theme since the very beginning, and the clash only added to the concerns

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