Columbia University got its first female president, And she’s Egyptian

Raghad Khaled

Columbia University has a female Egyptian President!

The Egyptian economist Neemat Shafik or Minouche, as known in London, just became the first female president on Columbia’s University.

Shafik, aged 60, is currently the Director of London School of Economics and Political Science, is following the University’s last president Lee Bollinger. He stood as president of the university for two decades before referring Shafik for the position.

He also praised Shafik for her intellect and her remarkable career stating that “her personal and professional experience and overview of academic and public life makes her an inspiring choice”


Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Shafik has held multiple inspiring and remarkable titles during her professional career.

She is the youngest Vice President to the World Bank at the age of just 36.

Acting as a great source of inclusivity and education as the Director of London School of Economics and Political Science, Shafik helped pave the way for students to have a better learning experience

Part of her experience is being in charge of great reconstruction projects which have great impact such as expansion and infrastructure enhancement projects to improve students’ experiences.


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