Egypt Issued New Regulations For Marriage

Raghad Khaled

Personal Status Laws

The Egyptian Society has always been conflicted over Personal Status Laws, and have always called for its modification. Therefore, sensing the necessity and the call for rectification, President Abdelfattah El Sisi initiated change. The President announced during his last conference that the Personal Status Laws is going to be edited and changed. He started the conference by discussing marriage and children, correcting misconceptions people had about him regarding reproduction and birth control asserting that his only goal was protection of children, their rights and their mental state. The President also discussed the raising rates of divorce in Egypt which reached 14.7% in 2021.

The New Regulations Are:

  • The Conduction of medical examination of the partners to ascertain the their health before marriage
  • The Conduction of Drug Tests before Marriage
  • The officiation of the marriage to be done in the presence of a judge and a doctor
  • The Documentation of Divorce to be done similarly to the documentation of Marriage to avoid the problems of verbal divorce
  • The father comes second to the mother in custody matters
  • Fortune acquired during marriage to be divided between the husband and wife after divorce
  • Husbands and wives to arrange a prenuptial agreement to ensure rights both parties’ rights after divorce.

  • إجراء كشف طبي للطرفين للتأكد من صحة الطرفين قبل الزواج
  • إجراء تحليل مخدرات للطرفين
  • يتم عقد الزواج في حضور لجنة برئاسة قاضي وعضوية أطباء
  • توثيق عقد الطلاق مثلما يتم توثيق عقد الزواج
  • يكون للأب المرتبة الثانية في الحضانة بعد الأم
  • الحفاظ على حق الزوج والزوجة في الثروة التي تكونت في أثناء الزواج
  •  .يتم توضيح ما يتم الإتفاق عليه في وثيقتي الزواج والطلاق بين الطرفين في حالة الزواج والطلاق


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