Egyptians Figures Respond To Cleopatra Documentary

Raghad Khaled

Egyptians Clapback at Netflix’s Attempt of Falsifying History

Last week, Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef hopped on Piers Morgan’s show uncensored on which he got into a heated debate with Ernest Ownes.

Bassem claimed that Hollywood has always had an agenda of falsifying Egyptian history and relating it to other civilizations which in return, erases the Egyptian Identity.

He also affirmed the fact that Hollywood has been trying to erase the Egyptian identity by casting non-Egyptian actors to portray Egyptian figures which causes inaccuracies to be introduced.

Bassem stressed the fact that Black Africans have their own wonderful civilizations that they need to own, instead of claiming the Egyptian one to be theirs.



The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism Also Released A Statement

The Egyptian Ministry released a statement on Facebook affirming the ethnicity of Cleopatra being Macedonian and stated that if Netflix released the Movie as a documentary, then it would be a clear falsification of Egyptian Civilization.

Additionally, Dr. Moustafa Waziri stated that the rejection of the film before its release came in defense of the history of Queen Cleopatra VII, which is an important and inherent part of Egypt’s ancient history, and away from any ethnic racism, stressing full respect for African civilizations and our brothers on the African continent that brings us all together.



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