Egypt’s Kharga Oasis Named Arab Environment Capital


The Kharga Oasis, which is little-know gem nestled in the Western Desert of Egypt, has long been a pristine getaway for the more adventurous travelers dwelling in the country.

Now, it’s been designated as the Arab Environment Capital by the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment (CAMRE)

Kharga has distinguished itself from a plethora of rivals vying for the prestigious award in the run-up to COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh through the creative integration of environmental protection practises diligently communicated with and embraced by the local community, combined with the climate-conscious remodelling of ongoing development plans in the area.


But if you know a thing or two about Kharga, then you’ll also know that the desert oasis is practically untouched. Very few planes fly there, the terrain is mostly unpaved, and electricity is in short supply.

And that’s kind of what makes it so appealing to travelers. Some of it’s most famous lodgings are ecolodges that are surrounded by their owns farms, and everything is made from farm to table. It’s like being transported back to a simpler time…


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