Hamdy El Wazir’s Face Is All Over Egypt’s Billboards

Malak Nazir

Why is everyone talking about Hamdy El Wazir’s mysterious advertising campaign?

Hamdy El Wazir is famous for the flirty ‘wink’ in the 1991 movie ‘Qabdet El Helaly’, which evolved into a classic meme among Egyptians. Suddenly, people woke up to Hamdy’s creepy, winky face on billboards all over the streets of Cairo. The advertisements are mysterious, with no brand logo or hint of what it may be about which sparked even more questions.

The advertisement triggered controversy among people on X

People weren’t pleased with the choice of having Hamdy El Wazir’s face on billboards. They believe that it carriers inappropriate back messages that doesn’t fit into the traditions or Egyptian culture. Hence, people voiced out their concerns and started attacking him on X.

That’s not all… Hamdy El Wazir replied to the hate!

Hamdy didn’t hold his silence for long and replied to the negative comments he has been receiving. Defending himself, he expresses that the campaign is not offensive to anyone regardless of their age or gender. Plus, the movie character himself didn’t indicate any sexual references. He also described people who criticized the advertisement as psychiatric patients who need to seek medical treatment.

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