On Its 12th Anniversary, Pictures Of The Jan 25 Revolution That Still Warm Our Hearts

Raghad Khaled

Moments From The Revolution That Will Forever Be Engraved In Our Hearts

25th of January 2011, a time of unity, solidarity, and change. 12 years, Egyptians came together to change a country’s system and to make it for the better. Egyptians often describe this period as a period of profound change and rediscovery of values to unroot the harmful pictures.

So, here are pictures that will forever live in our hearts.


It was a time of religious unity, a unity that transcended all measures.

The 25th of Jan was the source of change, solidarity and trust, trust in the future and betterment of societal system.

What makes January 25 revolution is that it inspired and instilled change, from the youngsters, to our society’s eldest.

It contributed hugely to the establishment of our unity and interconnectedness, its the foundation of our society.

The revolution inspired Egyptians to protect one another, regardless of gender, religion and belief. Egyptians had one purpose, and it was to be achieved safely.

During the revolution, Egyptians understood that they are the change they need to see, and for that, they took matters into their own hands.


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