Top 5 Egyptian Shawarma Spots in Cairo

Manar Eissa

From the bustling streets of Cairo to the hidden gems of shawarma stands, it has become a culinary icon in Egypt. Tantalizing taste buds with tender meat, vibrant sauces, and fragrant spices, it delights locals and tourists alike. Join us on a journey through five must-try shawarma spots across Egypt. While each offering a unique twist on this timeless street food classic. Get ready to uncover the stories behind these mouthwatering shawarma destinations!

5. Shawarma Street

Shawerma Street is a local favorite known for its mouthwatering sandwiches. Served in warm, fluffy flatbreads and generously topped with tahini sauce, pickles, and a hint of fresh parsley, each bite bursts with flavor.

đź“ŤLocated in Al-Rehab City & 6th of October

4. Neama

Whether enjoyed for a quick lunch or a late-night snack, Neama offers an authentic taste of Egyptian street food culture.

đź“ŤLocated in Al Agouza

3. Semsema

Semsema has a lively atmosphere, making its traditional sandwiches a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to savor a taste of its culinary diversity.

đź“ŤLocated in Al-Dokki & Sheikh Zayed

2. Abu Haidar (Classic Shawarma)

Abu Haidar is one of the oldest fast food places in Heliopolis. It’s known for having some of the best Shawarma ever! The place is always busy, full of people enjoying its tasty Shawarma. It has always been a great place for a quick Shawarma stop, offering great quality at great prices.

đź“ŤLocated in Heliopolis

1. Caizo

When a restaurant as daring as Caizo promises its beef shawarma spreads positive vibes, it’s their mission to put it to the test with every juicy bite. Their tantalizing box features just the right amount of sandwiches you crave, adorned with a special blend of yogurt, tahini, and more.

đź“ŤLocated in Nasr City & New Cairo

Discover the hidden gem and enjoy your tasty sandwich!

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