Ministry Of Environment Installs Shark Detecting Sensors

Raghad Khaled

The Ministry of Environment Announces A Project to Install Shark-Detecting Sensors

Minister of Environment, Yasmin Fouad, announces the beginning of the preparatory phase of Studying shark behavior in the Red Sea, and especially Hurghada.

The project is considered to be the first ever of its kind in Egypt and will be completed in three stages.

Fouad confirmed that the study targets three types of sharks, which are responsible for all recorded incidents in the Red Sea in recent years, according to local and international statistics.

The project is also conducted under the supervision of an international expert specialized in this field. Which was contracted by the Egyptian Ministry of Environment.

The project extends for up to 18 months and will be divided into three phases.

The first stage is a preparatory stage for collecting data on previous incidents, analyzing the current situation, and manufacturing sensors.

To suit the national situation, workers in nature reserves will also be trained to install these sensors to monitor shark behavior.

The second stage, during which the sensors will be installed, will require a few months to monitor the behavior of the different types of targeted sharks.

The third stage includes analyzing the data collected by the sensors at different periods of time, noting that the procedures for installing the sensors include determining the type, size, and general condition of the fish in terms of the safety of its health condition.

Fouad also confirmed that the study aims to identify the behaviors of the target species and the reasons for changing those behaviors over the course of the different seasons


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