145 Egyptians Dead After Storm Daniel, Libya Announces

Raghad Khaled

Libya’s MOI Confirms Tragic Loss of 145 Egyptians in Storm ‘Daniel’ Flooding

Storm Daniel, the devastating storm has left over 5,000 deaths, more than 2,000 missing, and countless others injured.

The storm’s impact resulted in the catastrophic collapse of two dams, leading to deadly floods.

Libyan officials in the city of Tobruk announced that including the 5,000 deaths, 145 Egyptian individuals were tragically lost on the impact of Storm Daniel.

The Taburk Medical Center

The Taburk Medical Center announced this morning the names of the 84 victims who tragically lost their lives due to the impact of the storm.

The medical report shows that the victims were from Beni Suef, Al-Sharif village.

The bodies were buried this morning after a mass funeral attended by their families and a large number of villagers.

The Egyptian Armed Forces:

The Egyptian Armed Forces recently dispatched a shipment of humanitarian aid to the devastatingly affected areas as per the instructions of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. 

Three military planes with food, medicine, and a squad of 25 rescuers outfitted for humanitarian missions were sent to damaged areas.

The injured and deceased will be transported by a fourth plane.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry also declared that it was closely observing Storm Daniel’s aftermath, which struck many parts of Libya and left a number of Egyptians dead and unaccounted for.

According to a statement from the ministry, a hotline has been established between the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the Egyptian Consulate in Benghazi to organize assistance for Egyptian nationals in the impacted districts.

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