3400 Years Old! Egypt Welcomes Back Stolen Piece Of King Ramses II Statue


A three-decade long adventure!

Guess who’s finally back home after a wild, three-decade adventure? Yep, it’s none other than the head of King Ramses II! This 3,400-year-old treasure was recently welcomed back with open arms by Egypt after being stolen and smuggled out of the country many moons ago.

Now, this majestic statue is chilling at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, getting some well-deserved R&R before making its grand debut. The plan? Give it a little TLC with some restoration work, according to the Ministry of Antiquities.


So how did they retrieve it?

So, how did this ancient artifact find its way back? Well, it’s quite the tale. Egyptian authorities caught wind of its whereabouts back in 2013 when it popped up at an exhibition in London. From there, it went on a bit of a whirlwind tour, making stops in various countries before finally landing in Switzerland.

But Egypt wasn’t about to let this piece of history stay away for too long. With some serious detective work and collaboration with Swiss authorities, they managed to prove ownership and bring the statue back where it belongs.

Now, this head – part of a group of statues featuring Ramses II chilling with Egyptian deities – is back where it belongs, ready to charm visitors with its ancient allure. Welcome home, Ramses!


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