5 Concerts You Don’t Want To Miss


Concerts can make anyone feel young and lively, regardless of their age. If you’re searching for a fun way to spend time with family or friends, Egypt is hosting many remarkable events that suit different tastes in the next month. Here are some upcoming concerts to consider.


5. Hiba Tawaji with Cine Orchestra Concert

Lebanese artist Hiba Tawaji landed on Cairo grounds yesterday in preparation for her concert in Cairo Opera House’s Main Hall next Friday, 16th May. Tickets Mall’s official website announced the event’s dress code is formal attire (suit and tie). They also specified a set of rules and regulations, such as photography is not allowed and no entry for children under 7 years old. Hiba shares her excitement through her Instagram feed and stories as she promises, “Cairo will be lit tomorrow,” she said.

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📍 Main Hall, Cairo Opera House

⏰ 16 June 2023, 8:30 pm

💵 1,800 EGP – 3,500 EGP

4. Hany Shenouda

The man behind revolutionizing Egypt’s pop music culture, Hany Shenouda, is going to light up Cairo’s Marquee-Cairo Festival City. At the age of 80 and after a six-decade career, Shenouda has promised a variety of surprises, including debuts by indie stars Dina El-Wedidi and Nouran Abutaleb, as well as acclaimed singer and actress Simone.

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📍 The Marquee-Cairo Festival City, New Cairo

⏰ 16 June 2023, 8:00 pm

💵 250 EGP – 800 EGP

3. Black Theama at El Sawy Culturewheel

Ever wondered what Theama means? The name is derived from a Greek word that means spectacle performance. A perfect name to describe how Black Theama will be rocking in El Sawy Culturewheel. Join them on the 29th of June and enjoy their fusion music of traditional Egyptian music, Western pop, and rock.

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📍 El Sawy Culturewheel

⏰ 29 June 2023, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

💵 150 EGP – 250 EGP

2. Wegz Live Concert at Zed East

Get ready for the most electrifying experience! Showcasing the raw talent and energy on stage, Wegz will perform at Zed East on the 23rd of June. His performances are known for their high energy and intense atmosphere while maintaining interaction with the crowd and encouraging them to sing along. Fasten your seatbelt as you go on w trip to Egypt’s most promising young artists.

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📍 ZED East by Ora

⏰ 23 June 2023, 9:00 pm

💵 500 EGP – 1,000 EGP

1. Majid Al Mohandes Concert in Cairo

Beloved Iraqi singer who stole the hearts across the Arab world and beyond, Majid Al Mohandes, will be performing at The Nile Ritz-Carlton on Thursday, 29th of June. A Majid Al Mohandes concert in Egypt is a must-see event for fans of Arabic music and romantic ballads. You better not miss it!

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📍 The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo

⏰ 29 June 2023, 8:30 pm

💵 Starting 7.900 EGP

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