6 October Government Office To Sanitize And Vaccinate Stray Dogs

Raghad Khaled

6th of October City Will Be Safe From Stray Dogs!

In response to the citizen’s complaint, the government office of the 6th of October city, giza has inaugurated an initiative to sanitize and vaccinate stray dogs in order to protect the citizens of the city and the animals.

The office stated that they received multiple complaints last year regarding stray dogs within the previous years to which they responded with the city-wide initiative in response to the complaints.

The statement also clarified that this initiative comes within the WTO’s framework and Egypt’s 2030 vision.

They also announced that the office adopted the international compassionate care plan in order to control the number of dogs.

The president of the 6th of October government office Khaled El Naggar that they have signed an agreement with the Animal Rights Association to solve the problem.



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