7 Best Traditional Food And Drinks Egypt Is Known For

Manar Eissa

Egypt is famous for its delicious food! If it is your first time visiting Egypt, here is a list of 7 Egyptian traditional foods and drinks that are a must-try.


Koshary is well-known to Egyptians, as it is a dish packed with ingredients, including onions, red sauce, macaroni, and rice. These ingredients come together to create a delicious dish that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who tastes it.

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Mahshi Waraa’ Enab

Mahshi consists of finger-sized rolls of rice that boast a delightful taste, especially when accompanied by lemons. There are many types of Mahshi to taste. – Which one do you like?


Molokheya, often originated as ‘Molokia,’ which belongs to the Royal Family. Molokia was a tradition during the Fatimid state era. It is a green soup made with love of ‘Tasha’ which contains garlic and spices which makes a perfect dish with rice.

Ful & Taameya

Fool and falafel are famous as the best traditional breakfast options in Egypt. These can be found on every street, with vendors preparing these sandwiches for you wherever you go.


Looking for something refreshing and budget-friendly? Look no further than sugar cane! It is celebrated as the sweetest and most affordable beverage in Egypt, providing people with the energy they need to power through their day.


When it comes to tea, it means taking a break from the hustle and bustle to savor the moment. Tea holds a special place in the hearts of Egyptians, as it is known to alter one’s mood. Egyptians enjoy tea throughout the day, whether in the morning with biscuits, after lunch, during a relaxing time at a coffee shop, after dinner with friends, or while studying. Tea is an essential beverage for us, and it stays with us throughout the day.

Halawyat Sharqi

Finally, the sweetest thing you can try in Egypt is our desserts! We don’t have fancy cakes or Marron Glace; instead, we enjoy ‘Halawyat Sharkya,’ which is a delightful mix of Balah Elsham, Basbosah, and Baa’lawa. Together, they create the best dessert you’ll ever have.


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