82 Medals At 62! This Egyptian Weightlifting Champion is defying Age Norms


Egyptian Weightlifting Champion Defies Critics and Age Barriers at 62!

Despite facing criticism and skepticism, Egyptian weightlifting champion Amani Rabie has proven that age is just a number. At the remarkable age of 62, Rabie stands as a testament to the power of determination and perseverance.

Rabie’s journey into weightlifting began at the age of 54, a time when many would consider slowing down. However, for Rabie, it was the beginning of a new chapter filled with strength, confidence, and countless achievements.

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Amani has garnered more More medals than her age!

For Rabie, weightlifting wasn’t just about physical strength; it was a transformative experience that changed her perspective on life. “It gave me confidence and made me realize that I don’t need anyone or anything but myself,” she shared.

Over the past eight years, Rabie has amassed an impressive collection of 82 medals, competing against athletes even decades younger than her. Her determination and unwavering dedication have made her a true inspiration in the world of sports.

Despite her age, Rabie continues to defy expectations and push boundaries, proving that passion knows no age limit. As she continues to challenge herself and break barriers, Rabie serves as a shining example of what can be achieved with resilience, dedication, and a never-ending belief in oneself.


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