A Duck Prize … This Ramadan Football Tournament Has The Most Interesting Awards!

Raghad Khaled

A Duck Prize … This Ramadan Football Tournament In Dakahlia, Egypt, Has The Most Interesting Awards!

As Ramadan arrives, most Governorates in Egypt prepare for the annual friendly Ramadan Football tournaments.

These community-based tournaments often bring neighbors, friends, and families together to celebrate the arrival of the holy month, play a friendly game, and win interesting gifts.

For example, this friendly tournament in El Sabaa Football Club in Dakahlia will award the player of the match a mallard!

This specific tournament has caught the eye of social media users due to the excitement of the neighbors, and residents of nearby villages.

The tournament organizers also insisted on having a Video assistant referee (VAR) to assist referees.

Additionally, the committee also agreed to include a commentary section consisting of El Dakhalia’s most popular commentators!

It will also witness great attendance from the villagers and neighboring villages due to the creativity in organization and management, and anticipation for the duck prize! 

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