A Graduating Student’s Dance Is Sparking Controversy On Social Media

Manar Eissa

Graduating Student’s Celebration Ignites Social Media Controversy

In recent hours, a video has circulated on social media. It shows Samar Antar, a graduating girl, receiving her university degree and celebrating by dancing in front of doctors and her colleagues at the graduation ceremony.

Meanwhile, Samar Antar, a student from Assiut Governorate, chose to celebrate her graduation from the Faculty of Physical Education at Assiut University in a different way. She decided to express her joy in her own way, in front of everyone, despite coming from Upper Egypt, where there are deep-rooted traditions and customs.

Although her entire family was present, the moment was an expression of her happiness and achievement after four years of study.

Who is Samar Antar?

Samar Antar, 22 years old, gained attention when her video went viral on social media, showing her dancing at her graduation ceremony. She clarified that her intention was simply to celebrate her graduation joyously, not to spark controversy.

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Consequently, Samar responded to the video. She stated, “I don’t know what I did, but everyone tells me that my graduation party video became a trending topic on social media.”

She added, “I was graduating, and I wanted this moment to be a joyful memory for me and my family. I did nothing wrong. The video did not contain anything offensive or contrary to societal values. I am a girl from Upper Egypt, and my entire family was present at the party. I did not do anything abnormal.”

The girl further expressed her shock at the negative comments she received after the video was posted, noting that all the comments were highly critical. The day after the party, deeply affected by the words she read, she decided to deactivate her social media accounts.

Assiut University’s Response to the Incident

Assiut University responded in a statement issued on its official Facebook page: “Assiut University declares that it does not bear responsibility for any graduation parties or activities organized outside the university premises and without the university’s approval.”



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