A Group In Maadi Spark Debate With Their Pricey Sushi Iftar Distribution


Spend from what you love is the motto

A group of young people in Maadi believe in the phrase “you will not attain righteousness until you spend from what you love.” So, they decided to distribute sushi Iftar meals to passersby and drivers at the time of the Maghrib call to prayer, to bring them. But this caused a debate on social media about the reactions to their act of kindness.


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Treats all around

Apart from sushi, this was not the first time these young people have distributed expensive meals to the public. A few days ago, they also distributed shrimp sandwiches, donuts, cupcakes, and basbousa.

Sushi got mixed reviews

A large tray of sushi pieces was handed out by the youth, as seen in the circulating photos, while smiles lit up their faces in love for doing good. However, the reactions they received on social media were mixed. Some loved the idea and prayed for them, while others objected to the sushi as a meal to be distributed for iftar, citing reasons such as its high price and the fact that they could have brought larger quantities of a more common meal instead. Others argued that sushi is not a widely accepted meal and many Egyptians do not like it in the first place.


Some people were not happy about the gesture

One comment objected, saying “it was the wrong choice because most people do not know sushi, and even those who know it do not necessarily like it. What is the point of sushi?” While another supported the idea, saying “there was a time when feeding people with shrimp sandwiches made the simple people very happy because they tasted it for the first time. You can distribute meals that ordinary people cannot afford, and they will be very happy to have experienced it.”

While another supportive account named commented: “The youth of Maadi are the best youth in Egypt doing good deeds with excellence. They spend from what they love and distribute beautiful and clean things that bring real joy. Sometimes it’s cupcakes, sometimes it’s donuts. May God protect and bless them.”

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